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Mental Health – A Hidden Burning Issue in Indian society due to following causes

  • Popularity of Nuclear family structure in society
  • Cut throat competition in every sector of life and in all age groups
  • Stress due to Unlimited expectations from life in limited sources
  • Lack of Adequate Dialogue between family members and friends
  • Unawareness and most a times negligence regarding Mental illness
  • Social Stigma and Strong Superstitious Beliefs

Due to this, Issues regarding mental health become more crucial and in turn, patient, family members and society as a whole suffers a lot.

In India, nearly 10% of the population is suffering from various mental illnesses as per WHO reports. Moreover 14% of children between 0 – 18 are suffering from Mental illnesses. ‘THIS IS QUITE AN ALARMING SITUATION.’

“Mental health… is not a destination but a process. It’s about how you drive, not where you’re going.”

— Richard James Molloy


Emotional Problem


Family Problem

Clashes with family and friends due to unawareness of the disease

Behavioral Problem

Aggressive – Verbal and Physical, Suicidal Tendency

What happens generally when a person suffers from Mental illness in India?


  • In case of diseases like depression, anxiety, phobia, panic attacks, Schizophrenia, Psychosis, etc. person generally neglects the symptoms. That leads to strengthening the roots of disease and severe complications.
  • Many a times, due to superstitious beliefs, social stigma person avoids visiting Psychiatrist and looses the chances of early detection and recovery.
  • In the developing stage of the disease, patient looses self-confidence which leads to lack of concentration at work/studies, tends to be absent at work place/school, frequent repetitive mistakes, etc. which in turn, may leads to discontinuation from office/school
  • Clashes between family members, relatives and friends due to lack of proper knowledge of disease which leads to increase the stress level.
  • Patient may become violent or may go in severe depression which may lead him to suicidal tendency.
     In short, patient suffers a lot on Personal, Social, Economical and Psychological grounds

Personal Factor

  1. Decreasing Concentration
  2. Decreasing Confidence
    • Biological Factors
    • Loss of Sleep
    • Loss of Appetite
    • Loss of Sex

Social Factor

  • Less Communication
  • Not mixing with relatives, friends and society as a whole

Economical Factor

  • Interpersonal relations with other members get destroyed
  • Become jobless